Hiring of Science/Commerce PGT/Lecturer

Hiring of Science/Commerce PGT/Lecturer for Govt.Schools
The Haryana Government decided to start new Science Steam in 351 and Commerce Stream in 97 existing Govt.Senior Secondary Schools.The Government has decided to utilizes services of meritorious retired Science Lecturers/Commerce Lectures from the Higher education Department/School Education Department/Technical Education Department till the regular PGT/Lecturers are not put in place.
PGT/Lecturer in Physics
PGT/Lecturer in Chemistry
PGT/Lecturer in Maths
PGT/Lecturer in Biology
PGT/Lecturer in Commerce/Economics
200/-Rupees per period and maximum two period per day.
Criteria:The Principal of the School is authorized to engage the teachers keeping in view the enrollment of children in the school.
The period of these teachers will be up to the end of 1st semester and can be extended depending upon the requirement.In case there are more than one PGT/Lecturer applicants for any one school then preference will be given to higher academic excellence.For more detail click here-http://schooleducationharyana.gov.in/downloads_pdf/Circullers/retiredteacher.pdf

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