D.ed.3rd and 4th Semester‐wise Distribution of Outline & Weightage

Department of School Education Haryana,Chandigarh
Department of School Education, Haryana,Chandigarh issued curriculum  for D.ed.3rd and 4th Semester.This curriculum shows Course Outline & Weightage.This curriculum is useful for all students who are studying in Diploma in Education.According to new curriculum the main points are as under-
Course – I Education in Emerging India
For 3rd Semester-
Unit – 7 Primary/ Elementary Education : 20 marks
Unit – 8 Education for All : 20 marks
Unit – 9 Equalizing Educational opportunity: 20 marks
Fourth semester-
Unit – 10 Primary/ Elementary Education : 20 marks
Unit – 11   Education For All: 20 marks
Unit – 12 Equalizing Educational Opportunity : 20 marks
Content based objectives: 1. To help the pupil teacher understand the characteristics of Indian society as it has evolved from the past, as it is today, and as it is likely to develop in the future.
2. To help the pupil-teacher identify the emerging trends in Indian society with special  reference to contemporary socio-cultural, political, educational and economic issues.
3. To help the pupil-teacher understand the meaning of education, its aims, forms and agencies.
4. To acquaint the pupil-teacher with the history and development of primary/elementary education from pre-independence period to-date.
5. To acquaint the pupil- teacher with the concept of constructivism and various aspects of education.
For detail click here-http://www.hbse.nic.in/Ded-102-28-11-11.pdf

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