47+92+119 JBTs Transferred under rationalization

Director Elementary Education,Haryana,Panchkula
Rationalization under Order No. KW 2/39-2011 PE(5)
The Director of Elementary Education Haryana issued three lists of transfer under rationalization.In first list 47 HT/JBTteachers is/are hereby transferred/adjusted within  District Ambala.In second list 92 HT/JBT teachers is/are hereby transferred/adjusted within District Karnal.In third list 119 HT/JBT teachers is/are hereby transferred/adjusted within District Mohindergarh.According to directions the official will be relieved immediately within 3 days otherwise he/she will be liable for disciplinary action. According to order if any teacher is working in Census duty, he shall not be relieved till the Census duty is accomplished.No male teacher below age of 50 years be allowed to join in the any girls school.

If there is no vacancy or sanctioned post in the school for any reason the incumbent transferred shall re-join his/her previous place of posting and also inform to Head Quarter.A copy of this order is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action-Concerned District Elementary Education Officer,Head of the institution,Official concerned and   Technology officer (HQ)
For detail of Ambala District click here-
For detail of Karnal and Mohindergarh District click here-http://harprathmik.gov.in/pdf/TOrder/TP24012012.pdf

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