KUK : Date-Sheet for the B.A.(Hons) Part-III Examinations

Kurukshetra University,Kurukshetra
(Established by the State Legislature Act XII of 1956)("A" Grade, NAAC Accredited University)
Date-Sheet for the B.A.(Hons) Part-III Examinations Commencing from 7.4.2012. 
B.A.(Hons) Part-III Examinations
Examinations will be start  from 7.4.2012.
Evening Session : Time of Examination: 2.00  to 5.00 P.M.Electronic gadgets ( pagers, mobile phone etc.) are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

Exam on 7th April-
Geography Paper-IV & V : Opt.(ii) : Agricultural Geography
Mathematics Paper BMH-304: Probability Theory & Optimizati
Exam on 9th April-
Geography Paper-IV & V : 
Opt.(i) : Population Geography 
Opt.(iii) : Political Geography 
Opt.(iv) : Social Geography 
Opt.(v) : Regional Geography  
Opt.(vi) : Geography of Tourism  
Psychology Paper-XII: Psychological Psychology.
Exam on 11th April-
Mathematics Paper-BMH-305,306,307: Opt.(vi) Applications of Mathematics in Finance & Insurance  
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