KUK Revised rates of Remuneration for Exam Duty

Kurukshetra University ,Kurukshetra
(Established by State Legislature Act XII of 1956)
A Grade university declared by NAAC
Revised rates of Remuneration for Exam Duty
Notification of revised the rates of remuneration payable to Supervisory and Service Staff etc.This new rate w.e.f. April 1, 2012.New rates are as under-
Centre Superintendent  Rs. 200/- per session (one session for opening and one session for winding up).
Deputy  Superintendent  : Rs. 160/- per session.
Assistant  Superintendent :  Rs. 150/- per session.
Centre Clerk  : Rs. 140/- per session (one session for opening and one session for winding)
Daftri : Rs. 75/- per session.
Waterman : Rs. 75/- per session.
Sweeper : Rs. 75/- per session.
Chowkidar : Rs. 75/- per session.
Double Remuneration : Teachers of affiliated Colleges and Supporting Staff are to be paid remuneration at double for performing examination duties during vacations/holidays and Sundays.Local conveyance rate : Rs. 40/- per day 
Stationery  Rupees 8/- per working day up to 200 candidates Rupees 10/- per working day above 200 candidates.

Typing of Plans-
Upto 100 candidates Rs. 15/-, Upto 250 Rs. 30/- and above 250 candidates Rs. 35/-
Arrangement of  25 paisa per candidate seats/furniture subject to minimum of Rs. 25/- per centre.
Order issued by controller of examinations on dated 30.05.2012 under Endst. No. CT-I/12/ 8412-8912
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