Transfer Order and School Up-gradation list in Haryana

Directorate of School Education
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Transfer Orders of Various Posts uploaded on 24 July 2012.
Up-gradation of 79 Govt.Schools in Haryana from session 2012-13
Order for issuing salary and other benefit to new joined Lecturers in Maths.
The Directorate of School Education Haryana issued some transfers orders today.These transfer orders are related to Lecturers,Headmasters,C&V Teachers and Principals working in various districts in Haryana.
Transfers of 27 School Lecturers under order No. 2/257-2012-HRL(2) dated 24.07.2012.This order are signed by S.K.Setia Deputy Secretary Education,Haryana School Education Department,Haryana.
Transfer order of Jitender Singh Lecturer in Political Science under order no.2/268-2012-HRL(1)
Transfer orders of 9 Lecturer under order no. 2/239-2012-HRL(1).
Transfer orders of 6 Lecturer under order no.2/186-2012-HRL(3).
Transfer orders of Joginder Singh Lecturer in Physics order no.2/218-2012-HRL(3).

Transfer orders of 3 school Lecturer under order no.264-2012-HRL(2).
Transfer orders of 2 school Lecturer under order no.243-2012-HRL(3).
Transfer orders of 17 school Lecturer under order no.2/259-2012-HRL(4).
2 School Lecturers transferred under order no.2/212-2012-HRL(1).
16 School Lecturers transferred under order no.235-2012-HRL(4).
One Sanskrit Lecturer Soniya Rani transferred against vacancy under order no.2/114-2012-HRL(1).
One Chemeistry and one History Lecturer transferred 261-2012-HRL(3).
Rajender Bhadu Lecturer in Political Science transferred from GSSS Bajekan to GSSS Nejadelakalan.
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