Transfer Orders in Education Department Haryana

Directorate Elementary Education
Head Office Panchkula,Haryana
Transfer Orders in Education Department
9 Punjabi Teachers Transferred.
25 Hindi Teachers Transferred.
23 drawing Teachers Transferred.
18 Masters Transferred
Two 4th class employee transferred.
Five Clerk Transferred.
Sh. Satish Kumar Clerk transferred from GGHS Bithmara Distt. Hisar to GGSSS
Hansi Distt. Hisar is hereby adjusted in GIHS Niana, Distt. Hisar.
Smt. Anita Gupta Lecturer in Home Science Transferred to GGSSS Karnal.
Smt. Navneet Kaur Lecturer in Mathematics Transferred to GGSSS Hisar.
Adjustment of displaced guest faculty Master/Mistress.Name of Guest Teacher : Smt. Ritu S.S.Mistress,adjusted at GHS Madanpura (Karnal).
Santosh Juneja Punjabi C&V GGSSS
Tigaon Distt. Faridabad Transferred order cancelled.
Guest Teacher  adjustment : Smt Nidhi Guest Home Science Mistress.Adjusted at GGSSS,Gonder
(Kaithal).Smt.Anita S.S. Mistress adjusted at GHS Kheri Khumar (Jhajjar).
The Resignation of Miss Ginny Bhardwaj Math Mistress GHS Gola (Ambala) with effect from 30.06.2012.
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