Mutual Migration for D.Ed.1st Year in Haryana (Session 2012-14) students

Government of Haryana
Directorate Elementary Education,Haryana
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Order No.O.17/99-2012 DIET (1)        Order issued on dated 14.01.2013.
Mutual Migration for D.Ed.1st Year (Session 2012-14) students
The Director of Elementary Education Haryana allowed for mutual migration to desired students of Diploma in Education (D.ed.) session 2012-14.Total 28 candidates allowed for this purpose.List issued on today (21.01.2013) on the website of elementary education department Haryana. This list signed by the Abhe Singh Yadav,Director Elementary Education,Haryana.The office of above official situated at Panchkula.It is noted that total 95 candidates allowed for this purpose on today 04.12.12.
According to list the following D.Ed 1st Year (Session 2012-14) students are hereby allowed for Mutual Migration against each other on the various conditions given in the letter.

The Students have deposited fee and funds concerned college and they have submitted the original documents for verification.
Institution leaving certificate compulsory.
Name of the student should be on roll in the institute and should not have been struck
off from admission withdrawal register.This Migration should not be done of a student admitted on village seat.No migration for re-admitted students.

Download List issued on 21.01.2013
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