HBSE : By-Hand Re-evaluation Details March-2012 (Martic and 10+2)

Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani
By-Hand Re-evaluation Details March-2012 (Matric and 10+2)
Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani issued a list of those candidates who had applied for re-evaluation for their 10th and 10+2 exam.These exams were held in March 2012.For re-evaluation a large number of  candidates applied and send to their evaluation form to the Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani.
Roll No.  Case No.  Name  Subject  Status/Increase Marks. 
2211583653 Case No. 11001 ,Name of Student-Nitika  SCT-2 MI-1 
2211950393 Case No. 11002 ,Name of Student-Rajesh  MAT-2 NM 
2211134460 Case No. 11003 ,Name of Student-Pawan  MAT-2 MI-9 
2211888384 Case No. 11004 ,Name of Student-Deepak  SOS-2 NM 
2211917358 Case No. 11005 ,Name of Student-Devender MAT-2 MI-4 
2211515246 Case No. 11006 ,Name of Student-Prince  SCT-2 MI-19 
2211440491 Case No. 11007 ,Name of Student-Pinki  ENG-2,MAT-2 MI ENG-1,NM 

2211282611 Case No. 11008 ,Name of Student-Neetu  MAT-2 NM 
2211888536 Case No. 11009 ,Name of Student-Virender SOS-2 MI-4 
2211237717 Case No. 11010 ,Name of Student-Ramjan ENG-2,SCT-2 MI ENG-6,SCT-1 
2211237545 Case No. 11011 ,Name of Student-Abhinav SOS-2,PHE-2 MI PHE-5,NM 
2211897457 Case No. 11012 ,Name of Student-Reetu Rani MAT-2 MI-4 
2211141268 Case No. 11013 ,Name of Student-Sushila  MAT-2 NM 
2211310802 Case No. 11014 ,Name of Student-Prem Lata SOS-2 MI-1 
2211133314 Case No. 11015 ,Name of Student-Dilawar SCT-2 NM 
2211132521 Case No. 11016 ,Name of Student-Hemlata MAT-2 NM 
2211560802 Case No. 11017 ,Name of Student-Keshav SOS-2 NM  
2211391293 Case No. 11018 ,Name of Student-Reena Rani MAT-2,SCT-2 MI MAT-5, NM 
2211335769 Case No. 11019 ,Name of Student-Heemanshu ENG-2 MI-24 
2211501080 Case No. 11020 ,Name of Student-Anju Kumari SOS-2 MI-20 
2211340463 Case No. 11021 ,Name of Student-Sumit  SOS-2 MI-1 
2211886079 Case No. 11022 ,Name of Student-Sangeeta  SOS-2 MI -6 
2211218244 Case No. 11023 ,Name of Student-Devender  MAT-2,SCT-2 MI  MAT-1,NM
2211911322 Case No. 11024 ,Name of Student-Govinda  ENG-2,SCT-2 NM 
2211218241 Case No. 11025 ,Name of Student-Amandeep MAT-2 NM 
2211957626 Case No. 11026 ,Name of Student-Naresh SCT-2 NM 
2211897720 Case No. 11027 ,Name of Student-Sandeep ENG-2,MAT-2 NM 
2211888094 Case No. 11028 ,Name of Student-Devender SOS-2 MI -7 
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