Promotion on Master Posts in Haryana

Government of Haryana
Directorate Elementary Education,Panchkula
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Order No. 2/34-2012-HRM-I(2) Dated 30.07.2012
Promotion List on the posts of SS Master/SS Mistress.164 Promotion.
Promotion List on the posts of Maths Master/Maths Mistress.36 Promotion.
Promotion List on the posts of  Science Master/Mistress.6 Promotion
The Directorate Elementary Education,Panchkula has issued some promotion orders today.
According to notification the following JBT/HT & C&V Teachers provisionally promoted against Social Studies Master/Mistress are hereby the post of Social Studies Master/ Mistress in HES-III (School Cadre).The grade of these posts are Rs. 9300-34800+4600 Grade pay .This Grade pay implemented with effect from 12 December 2010 as sanctioned by the State Government from time to time.Second promotion list issued under order no. 2/30-1999-HRM-I(5).In this list 36 teachers promoted on Maths Master/Maths Mistress post.In third list 6 teachers are promoted on Science Master/Science Mistress post.
According to letter all these promotions are subject to review/cancellation in case of any discrepancy found at a later stage.Candidates are entitled to the benefit of pay fixation notionally and seniority only.No arrears will be paid for this promotion.The department would be competent to revert the concerned officials to their original post without given any notice.The copy of above order forwarded to Account General (A&E) Haryana, Chandigarh.
Director Public Instructions (Schools), UT Administartion, Chandigarh. and all the District Elementary Education Officers in Haryana.
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