KUK Date Sheet | B.A. (Honours) Ist Semester

KUK at www.freenokrinews.comKurukshetra University Kurukshetra
A Grade University declared by NAAC
Established by the State Legislature Act XII of 1956
Date-Sheet for B.A. (Honours) I Semester (Main Papers) examination.
The examinations will be start from 12.12.2012.
Time of Examination:  9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. (Morning Session).
The Examinations will be start from 10 October 2012.
Session : Morning Session.
Date of Examination 12.12.2012
English Paper-I : Literature in English(from 1550-1660) (Old Syllabus).
English Paper-I : Literature in English ( from 1550-1660).
Date of Examination 14.12.2012
Geography-1: Geomorphology
Geography-1: Geomorphology (Old Syllabus)
English Paper-II: Literature in English (from 1660-1750) (Old Syllabus)
Philosophy Paper-1: Indian Philosophy-I
Economics Paper-101: Micro Economics-I
English Paper-II: Literature in English (from 1550-1660)
Philosophy Paper-1: Indian Philosophy-I (Old Syllabus)
Economics Paper-101: Micro Economics-I (Old Syllabus)
Electronic devices as pagers, phones and Calculators are not allowed in the
Examination Hall.No complaints shall not be entertained after the examination.No extra Answer Sheet will be provided.On getting a question-paper and before answering it, the candidates are advised to check up and ensure that they have been supplied with the correct question-paper. If the question-paper is not correct they may contact Centre Superintendent for change of question papers.
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