63 Govt. Schools Upgraded in Haryana 2013-14

Haryana at www.freenokrinews.comDirector Secondary Education, Haryana
Shiksha Sadan, Sector-5, Panchkula.
Letter No. 2/39-2012 SE(3). Dated06.03.2013
Upgradation of 63 Govt.Schools in Haryana
The Govt.of Haryana has been upgraded 63 school from Govt.High School & Govt. Middle School to Senior Secondary School.The classes will be start w.e.f. new session 2013-14 form this year.The department issued a letter to all the District Education Officers in Haryana State.According to letter 54 School upgraded from Govt. High School to Govt.Senior Secondary School and 9 school upgraded from Govt. Middle School/Govt. Girls Middle School to Govt. Senior Secondary School.
List of Upgraded Schools in Haryana-
Govt.High school Hizrawa Khurd, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Amani, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Nangal, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Aherwan, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Alika, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Khandsa, District Fatehabad
Govt.High school Mokalwas, District Gurugaon
Govt.High school Karola, District Gurugaon
A copy is forwarded to the following persons for official action-
Director of Elementary Education, Haryana,
P. Secretary /Principal Secretary to C.M. of Haryana at Chandigarh.
P.Seretary/ Education Minister to State Haryana, Chandigarh.
P.Seretary/ OSD-II to Chief Minister Haryana
P.Seretary/Directorate of School Education.
For more detail of all Upgraded Schools in Haryana click This Link

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