Vacancy list of Elementary School Headmaster in Haryana

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Vacancy list of Elementary School Headmaster in Haryana
The Director of Elementary Education has been issued vacancy list of Elementary School Headmaster as on 10.04.2013.This list is useful for newly promoted Elementary Head Master to choose place of posting.This list contains full detail of vacant post of Elementary School Headmaster in every district of Haryana. It is noted that the counselling of Elementary School Headmaster is going to start from 12.04.2013 to 30.04.2013 at Panchkula. The detailed schedule issued on 09.04.2013.It is noted that promoted Head Masters had been waiting counseling schedule for a long time.
The district-wise detail of Vacancy List of Elementary School Headmaster-
GGSSS Ambala City (Baldev Nagar) (Ambala) . GSSS Ambala City (Baldev Nagar) (Ambala)
GGSSS Ambala City (Model Town) (Ambala). GSSS Ballana (Ambala)
GMS Bara (Ambala). GMS Baraula (Ambala). GSSS Majri (Ambala)
GMS Marod Sahib (Ambala). GHS Matheri Shekhan (Ambala). GHS Sullar (Ambala)
GHS Tharwa (Ambala). GHS Udai Pur (Ambala) . GMSSSS Barara (Ambala)
GGHS Barara (Ambala). GSSS Bigowa (Bhiwani) .GHS Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani) .GGSSS Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani).GHS Ghasola (Bhiwani) .GMS Gothra (Bhiwani) 
GHS Hindol (Bhiwani). GSSS Imlota (Bhiwani). GGMS Chahar Kalan (Bhiwani) 
GMS Chahar Khurd (Bhiwani). GSSS Chehar Kalan (Bhiwani)
GHS Riwari Khera (Bhiwani) .GSSS Rupgarh (Bhiwani) .GSSS Sai (Bhiwani)
GSSS Sanga (Bhiwani) .GMS Sirsa Ghogra (Bhiwani) .GGSSS Talu (Bhiwani) 
GHS Talu (Bhiwani).GGHS Tigrana (Bhiwani).GSSS Tigrana (Bhiwani)
GGMS Tigrana (Bhiwani) .GMS Tigri (Bhiwani).GHS Umrawat (Bhiwani) 
To see full detail of Vacant Post detail click this link

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