Haryana Guest Teachers Adjustment Lettter September 2013

SSA at www.freenokrinews.comDirectorate of School Education Haryana
Sector -5, Shiksha Sadan ,Panchkula, Haryana
Haryana Guest Teachers Adjustment Letter September 2013
The Directorate of School Education Haryana issued a list of adjustment of displaced of Guest Teachers in Education Department Haryana.In this lists total 12 teacher are hereby adjusted at other schools.Letter issued on website today 16.09.2013 at official website.The detail of teachers are as under-
Name of Teacher-Sushila Rani, Guest Lect.Hindi
Displaced form-GSSS Brahmanwas (Rohtak).Now adjusted at GSSS Khidwali (Rohtak)
Name of Teacher-Ruchi, Guest Lect. English
Displaced form-GSSS Charkhi Dadri (Bhiwani). Now adjusted at GGSSS Kharkhoda (Sonepat)
Name of Teacher-Kamal, Guest Lecturer in Pol.Science
Displaced form-GGSSS Gharaunda (Karnal).Now adjusted at GSSS Karkhana (Jind)
Name of Teacher-Neelam Rani, Guest Lecturer in Hindi
Displaced form-GGSSS Prem Nagar (Karnal).Now adjusted at GSSS Kaimla (Karnal)
Name of Teacher-Subhash Chander, Guest Lecturer in Hindi
Displaced form-GSSS Pataudi (GGN).Now adjusted at GSSS Kherki Daula (GGN)
Name of Teacher-Anshu Kataria, Guest Lect. Hindi
Displaced form-GGSSS Arjun Nagar (GGN).Now adjusted at GSSS Dhankot (GGN)
Name of Teacher-Parul Yadav, Guest Lecturer in English
Displaced form-GGSSS Majra Sheoraj (Rewari).Now adjusted at GSSS Dharuhera (Rewari) 
Name of Teacher-Madhu Bala, Guest Lecturer in Hindi
Displaced form-GMSSS Tauru (Mewat).Now adjusted at GSSS Sohna (GGN)
Name of Teacher-Nirmala Devi, Guest Lecturer in History
Displaced form-GSSS Bhudpur (Rewari).Now adjusted at GSSS Daurali (Rewari)
Name of Teacher-Suman Chaudhary, Guest Lecturer in English
Displaced form-GSSS Mewla Maharajpur (FBD).Now adjusted at GSSS NIT No. 2 (FBD)
Name of Teacher-Monica Devi, Guest Lecturer in English
Displaced form-SLS GGSSS Hansi (Hisar).Now adjusted at GGSSS Petwar (Hisar)
Name of Teacher-Sanjay Kumar, Guest Lecturer in English
Displaced form-GGSSS Haily Mandi (GGN).Now adjusted at GSSS Karola (Gurgaon)
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