Haryana Education Department Transfer Order 11.07.2014 JBT-Master-Guest Lecturer

SSA Haryana

Education Department Haryana
The Directorate of Elementary Education and Directorate of School Education issued some transfer lists today 11.07.2014.These transfer order are related to D.P.E. Master,Social Science Master,S.S. Master,Clerk,J.B.T.Teachers of Education Department Haryana and working in various districts in Haryana.As per directions the officials will be relieved immediately and in any case with in 3 days failing which he/she will be liable for disciplinary action,However if any official is working in Census duty, he/she shall not be relieved till the Census duty is accomplished. The detail of all orders are as under-
231 JBT Teachers Transferred in various districts.
Sh. Anil Kumar  JBT GPS Rampur Khadar (Yamuna Nagar) to GPS Radaur (Yamuna 
Sh. Surender Singh  JBT GPS Sangipur (Yamuna Nagar) to GPS Radaur (Yamuna 
Smt. Archana JBT GPS Alahar (Yamuna Nagar) to GPS Camp (Yamuna Nagar)
Sh. Ajay Kumar JBT GPS Pansra (Yamuna Nagar) to GPS Meghuwala  (Yamuna Nagar)
One Clerk Transferred in Gurugaon
Smt. Kamlesh Clerk GSSS Pachgaon to DIET Gurugaon.
09 S.S.Master,09 Science Master,04 DPE,03 Maths Master in one order
Sh. Parmod Social Studies Master GMS Gajarpur, Distt. Mewat to GMS Sanp Ki Nangli, 
Distt. Gurgaon.
Santosh Kumar GMS Tikri, Distt. Kurukshetra to GMS Jhagrol  Distt. Mahendergarh 
Naresh Kumar GMS Toba, Distt. Ambala to GMS Kumrodha, Distt. Rewari.
Smt. Meena Kumari GSSS Shahzadpur, Distt. Ambala to GMS Sountli, Distt.  Ambala [401 Ambala.
One Punjabi C&V Teacher Transferred
Smt. Santosh Juneja GGSSS Tigaon to GHS Faridabad.
List of 10 DPE Master/Mistress Transfer
Satbir Singh GSSS Jamalpur Sheikhan to GSSS Kanheri, Distt.Fatehabad
Pardeep Goyat GSSS Behlba to GSSS Kungar,Bhiwani
Adjustment of Guest Lecturer
Smt. Vijay Laxmi Guest Lecturer in English
Adjusted at GGSSS Bhiwani.

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