Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Election Date 15.10.2014,Counting 19.10.2014

Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Election on 15.10.2014
Election Commission of India has announced the date of Election for Assembly in Haryana and Maharashtra.These states will go to the polls on 15.10.2014.Code of conduct effective from today.V.S.Sampat Chief Commissioner of India Mr. V.S.Sampat told in press conference that the poll for Assembly Election in Haryana and Maharashtra will be held on 15.10.2014.As per conference of Commissioner Election Commission notification will be on issued on 29.09.2014.The last date for nomination for election is 27.09.2014.The date of scrutiny is 29.09.2014 and date of withdrawal of nomination is 01.10.2014.The counting of votes will take place on 19 October 2014. In Maharashtra, 228 assembly constituencies will go to the polls while Haryana will vote for 90 seats. Major political parties like BJP,Congress,BSP,INLd have already entered into the campaign mode in these states.The Prime Minister f India Narendra Modi going to Haryana to campaign for the BJP where it is contesting all the 90 seats.By-poll will be held in Beed in Maharashtra for Lok Sabha seat along with these polls.
BJP party president Amit Shah has held intensive negotiations with its ally Shiv Sena in Maharashtra on seat sharing.BJP-Shiv Sena alliance wants to win the state election.Negotiations are still going on.Election Commission has made provisions for NOTA as per directions of the Supreme Court.The term of the Haryana Assembly expires on October 27 and of the Maharashtra Assembly on November 08.Schedule of elections in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand will be made public later.

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