9870 JBT Thumb Impression-Signature and Photo Verification Schedule

Directorate of Elementary Education,Haryana
9870 JBT Thumb Impression-Signature and Photo Verification Schedule
The Directorate of Elementary Education of Haryana,Head Office at Panchkula issued the schedule for verification of Thumb Impression, Specimen Signature and Passport Photos of selected 9870 J.B.T.Teachers in Haryana.These 9870 J.B.T.teachers were selected by Hooda Government before some days of Haryana Assembly Election 2014.Some instructions are issued for selected candidates.Verification process will be starts from 29.12.2014 in Teacher Bhawan at the office of Board of School Education Haryana.The complete schedule are as under-
Date-29.12.14, Merit No.01-100,Committee No.-01
Date-29.12.14, Merit No.101-200,Committee No.-02
Date-30.12.14, Merit No.201-300,Committee No.-01
Date-30.12.14, Merit No.301-400,Committee No.-02
Date-31.12.14, Merit No.-401-500,Committee No.-01
Date-31.12.14, Merit No.-501-600,Committee No.-02
Date-01.01.15,  Merit No.-601-700,Committee No.-01
Date-01.01.15, Merit No.-701-800,Committee No.-02
Date-02.01.15,  Merit No.-801-900,Committee No.-01
Date-02.01.15, Merit No.-901-1000,Committee No.-02
Date-05.01.15,  Merit No.-1001-1100,Committee No.-01
Date-05.01.15, Merit No.-1101-1200,Committee No.-02
Date-06.01.15,  Merit No.-1201-1300,Committee No.-01
Date-06.01.15, Merit No.-1301-1400,Committee No.-02
Date-07.01.15,  Merit No.-1401-1500,Committee No.-01
Date-07.01.15, Merit No.-1501-1600,Committee No.-02
Date-08.01.15,  Merit No.-1601-1700,Committee No.-01
Date-08.01.15, Merit No.-1701-1800,Committee No.-02
Date-09.01.15,  Merit No.-1801-1900,Committee No.-01
Date-09.01.15, Merit No.-1901-2000,Committee No.-02
Date-12.01.15,  Merit No.-2001-2100,Committee No.-01
Date-12.01.15, Merit No.-2101-2200,Committee No.-02
Date-13.01.15,  Merit No.-2201-2300,Committee No.-01
Date-13.01.15, Merit No.-2301-2400,Committee No.-02
Date-14.01.15,  Merit No.-2401-2500,Committee No.-01
Date-14.01.15, Merit No.-2501-2600,Committee No.-02
Date-15.01.15,  Merit No.-2601-2700,Committee No.-01
Date-15.01.15, Merit No.-2701-2800,Committee No.-02
Date-16.01.15,  Merit No.-2801-2900,Committee No.-01
Date-16.01.15, Merit No.-2901-3000,Committee No.-02
The schedule of remaining candidates will be announced later.

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