KUK UG Exam Date Sheet March-April 2015 Private and Correspondence Students

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Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra (KUK)
UG Exam Date Sheet March-April 2015 Private and Correspondence Students
The Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra issued the date sheet for Under Graduate exam for Private and Correspondence students.The examination will be start from 31.03.2015.The time of examination will remain 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.The detailed date sheet are as under-
Date-Sheet for the B.A./B.Sc. (General) Part-I (For Private & Correspondence Students)-
31.03.2015- Sociology (Introduction to Sociology),Human Rights Paper-I,Electronics Paper-I (Theory)
01.04.2015-English-A,Electronics Paper-II (Theory)
03.04.2015- Music (Vocal) Paper-I ( Theory),Fine Arts-A (Theory): History of Fine Arts ,Computer Science Paper-I, Computer Fundamentals & Programming in PASCAL.
04.04.2015-Public Admn. (Elements of Pub. Admn.) Music ( Instrumental) Paper-I.
06.04.2015- Phonetics Functional Hindi Paper-I Mass Communication & Video Production Paper-A, Basics of Mass Comm. Statistics Paper-I, Probability Theory ,TTM. P-I, Tourism Business Functional English Paper-A.
07.04.2015-English-B Computer Science Paper-II, Introduction to Computer Organization.
Date-Sheet for the B.A./B.Sc. (General) Part-II (For Private & Correspondence Students)-
31.03.2015 Music (Vocal) Paper-I ( Theory) Music ( Instrumental) Paper-I ( Theory) Physics Paper-I, Computer Programming Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics Botany Paper-I, Diversity of Seed Plants and their Systematics
01.04.2015- Fine Arts Paper-I, History of Indian Art (Theory) Computer Science Paper-I, Data Structure & C Programming
03.04.2015-English Paper-A
04.04.2015-Computer Science Paper-II, System Analysis & Design and File Processing Philosophy Opt. (I) Logic ( Indian & Western) Philosophy Opt. (II) Logic and Scientific Method ( Indian & Western).
Date-Sheet for the B.A./B.Sc. (General) Part-III (For Private & Correspondence Students)-
31.03.2015- Music ( Vocal) Paper-I Theory Music (Instrumental ) Paper-I Theory.
01.04.2015 Geography Paper-I, Human Geography & Resources & Environment Electronics Paper-I (Theory) 3-Apr-2015 Fine Arts Paper-I (Theory), History of Western Art,Computer Science Paper-I, Introduction to OOPS in C++.

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